Media 's Influence On Social Media

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Participating in the creative world of media has been a tradition and a necessity for me since I was a young girl. Television channels like Nickelodeon, Disney, and MTV have become popular and innovative television channels that consistently develops creative and interactive ways to consume media messages. By watching broadcasting programs and television series, I learn something new or valuable that I can then impress upon to someone else. This connectivity and deeper understanding I have to television production and media have implanted my desire to pursue a profession Television and Entertainment Media industry. While other Millenials may view social media and television services as a way of relaxation or fantastical escape, I have…show more content…
While I do enjoy live entertainment shows, award shows, and late night entertainment shows – I believe there is a cry for more media to talk about certain dispositions and purposeful events that can benefit and inform a large audience.
As a Communications major, I have taken specific courses to that highlight the shifts and obstacles for Media Businesses to interact and retain their audiences. My major relates to having a Television and Film career because as media becomes more digital, it is important to have knowledge of current and possible future media trends for that may affect or influence a media business to operate. Currently, I am taking a course called MSS 345: Media Audiences and Users. In this class, I learn about the motivations and gratifications about why people participate in online media outlets and view certain television genres. We look at different types of media theories that use qualitative and quantitative research to understand how audiences are interacting with media, and how media companies and news business are using statistical information to track and attract audiences to their media platforms. Specifically, I learn about the motivations, gratifications and uses about how people create, select, and interact with online and some traditional Communications channels. I have also taken Journalism related courses including
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