Media 's Influence On Society

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The media are full of countless things, they have completely changed the world we live in and are now a part of our everyday lives (Bookman, 64). With television, radio, newspapers, books, etc… working their way into our everyday lives it is almost impossible to live without the media. Along with it being persuasive, informative and a great source for entertainment, it also has a large binding influence on societies all over the world. Media aspects are radically reshaping the world (Marina 240) and though some may argue that media has more negative aspects associated with it, there are many positives to it as well. One of the positive aspects of the media is the binding influence associated with it and how it is changing our society making the world one large global village — the world as a single community. We now see everything everywhere and it is causing the world to change in the way that people are adapting to new cultures they may not have even known about in past decades. Media has “the capacity to influence people’s minds” (Castells, 240) in thousands of ways. Television, radio and newspapers are just the beginning of a large list of media devices we encounter in a day. We are now exposed to more information than anyone before us could imagine. Society has changed drastically in past decades, “A few years ago hope for the internet was a utopian” (Wellman, 56) and today most cannot go a day without it. The media has changed the world we live in, in many

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