Media 's Influence On Society

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Mass media has affected our view as a society on social class and what defines one’s social class. Throughout this article called “Making Class Invisible” by Gregory Mantsios, we evaluate the influence media has on our society and as Mr. Mantsios states how “media plays a key role in defining our cultural tastes, helping us locate ourselves in history, establishing our national identity, and ascertaining the range of national and social possibilities” (para. 1). Our social class determines what labor and or job title we will uphold, the quantity and quality of education and knowledge, and our well being in society along the lines of our health and safety. Media has forced the image on society of the poor and poverty as those who lack…show more content…
As for those who are wealthy, they will live very differently compared to those who are living “paycheck to paycheck.” The wealthy will more than likely be able to obtain all of their wants and needs versus the poor who will only seek to obtain their needs because the poor are more focused on survival rather than thriving. The upper class has the ability to afford better quality items to include food, clothes, and housing, therefore increasing their standard of living. This infers that the wealthy’s average happiness is higher based on the fact that they can afford to buy these exceptional quality items and the capability to do expensive activities that the lower class people simply cannot afford to purchase or experience. Those who are privileged are believed to be superior, in which they endure authority because of their seniority. The superiority is depicted based on their social class. As seen in our society we often assume the upper class is superior based off of their advanced education and knowledge, their wealth, and success. Based on Karl Marx perspective on the conflict theory for every empowering leader there must be followers, meaning for our society to function and maintain order, we are compelled to cultivate sovereignty. Most of our government officials and social media celebrities are part of the upper class. The upper class’ authority within our society forces our perspective to

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