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“A Propaganda Model” is a conceptual framework presented by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman; they argue that the information displayed in the mass media is conditioned by wealth and power, so as a result of the concentration of power and the official censorship done by the government and corporate sources; the media follows the ideas of the elite. In order to deliver messages that support the elite’s beliefs, the media goes through five different filters that determine the information presented, this are ownership of media, funding, sourcing, flak, and fear. First, when referring to the ownership of media, it is important to acknowledge that a large size of investment is needed in order to own and run a media outlet; therefore, just a few…show more content…
Government and corporate sources have more access to the media because they subsidize the media by making things easy for them, i.e. they give reporters advance copies of the speeches, schedule press conferences at convenient hours, arrange photo opportunities, and by doing this they consolidate their position as sources as well as gaining more control over the media’s agenda and framework. Any form of criticism – by the media or third parties – is less likely to be aired because of the influence these groups have. Finally, the opinion of experts are other way of sourcing the media, these experts can be managed by the government or corporate sources – they pay for they research, hire them as consultants –, by the media – they give more access to publishing/exposure – or they may take the form of “former radicals that come to “see the light”” (Kellner, p. 217). The fourth filter in The Propaganda Model is “flak”, in the authors’ words, “flak refers to a negative response to a media statement or program” (Kellner, p. 217), the ability to produce flak is closely related to power and it can be direct or indirect. When the media is not following the economic or political agenda that government, corporate sources or advertisers want, they tend to produce flak. As noted above, media relies on advertising so if there is something that advertisers think is not suitable they have the power remove it from the media. But more

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