Media 's Influence On The Media

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The media has a strong influence on how societies receive and react to the context of the messages that the media displays to the public. From Disney movies on up to horror films there’s a plot that each film is trying to accomplish. The controversial issue comes into play based on how the film messages are portrayed. Films that use racial humor harm the particular race that the films are depicting. Films with racial humor that is enhanced to be seen as acceptable creates prejudge mental labels for certain races. The viewers of these films are more likely to view these stereotypes portrayed in the media as facts about whatever race that is being critically represented. Films that are created with this line of content harms individuals credibility based on the racial group they belong to. This harms a potential interaction of individual of certain races due to the knowledge they receive about that racial group through the media. The media sets the tone of our cultural experiences before they occur this happens within advertisements and movies. These storylines help to created trend and beliefs that might not be true or affective. These cause viewers who haven’t interacted with certain racial groups before to believe these stereotypes to be a reality versus that of a stereotype due to their lack of personal knowledge of how different cultures actually act.
The research done to conduct this paper used three peer reviewed articles to analyze the effects of…

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