Media 's Influence On The Media

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In today’s culture, it’s hard not to come across some form of media, whether that is an advertisement on a roadway, a commercial on the television, or even an ad on the portable games you play on your phone. The average 8-18-year-old experiences about 7.5 hours of some form of media a day. [1] Out of the 24 hours in a day over a quarter of it is spent looking at or listening to advertisements for products, the news, video games, television, movies, music, books, and the internet. A common way to make a product, character, etc. is to make them or something associated with it look appealing. For beauty products, this is done with models with unhealthy or unrealistic images. [2] When did this idea start? And why would a model or actor go out of their way to obtain an an image that could potentially kill them? How can we help those who’ve been affected by these false images? When one looks at the history of when this ideal thin body started to turn up in media was around the 1920s. [3] At first it was centered around the culture someone was raised in since different cultures have different values. Americans became more interested in sporting activities such as tennis, swimming, and golf for the richer Americans. This became more and more accepted once exercise classes were opened purely for the aim of changing women 's bodies. [4] Around this era, Hollywood stars’ makeup became more widely available to the public and women started to use these products to hide their

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