Media 's Portrayal Of The Black Age Of Media Essay

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Social class stratification is marked by inequality and differences among people who are regarded as being higher or lower. Usually people in similar position have similar lifestyle and this uniformity creates a social class. The dimensions which define this uniformity are “power, wealth, social status, prestige of one’s occupation, social standing and many others” (Gabrenya 3). The portrayal of the class system has always been underrepresented or over represented since the golden age of media. The question arises what kind of ideas it puts in the minds of viewers about their society? Media plays an important role in developing an image of people from other countries or communities because many people have no personal contact with people from other countries and rely mainly on media for information about them (Harris). Unfortunately, media’s portrayal of different minorities is usually far from being accurate. They often misrepresent the reality thus promoting myths and stereotypes. Studies have found that media create and spread images of the society (DeFleur and DeFleur). Social representation as myths or reality has woven into the fabric of society mainly through mass media such as the television and cinema. Willie (1979) explains that significance of race in understanding economic predicament is greatly emphasized as compared to economic class factors in America. Historical facts about race and economic relationship represent it as complex interaction. It makes the
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