Media 's Portrayal Of Women

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In a society obsessed with appearance and numb to sexism, it comes as no surprise that women are expressing hate for their bodies more than ever before. Mass media’s portrayal of women is one of unattainable perfection— most models are stick thin with flawless complexions and pearl-white smiles. Consumers are bombarded with images of women being displayed as sex objects, valued for their physical appearance above all else. The evasiveness of media has led women to believe they must resemble the models pictured in advertisements, films, and television. When one falls short of physical perfection, she experiences feelings of inadequacy, which are often accompanied by both mental and physical health issues. Consequently, eighty percent of women in the United States are dissatisfied with their appearance and more than ten million women are suffering from eating disorders. Although other factors, such as criticism in relationships or being compared to others, may contribute to a person’s dissatisfaction with his or her appearance, the media is largely responsible for the rise of negative body image and low self-esteem, particularly in women. In order to implement change, both producers and consumers of media must realize that mass media can be used positively, as an instrument of change as opposed to destruction. By eliminating sexist and over-edited images of women from media, both sexes would begin to have more realistic expectations for their appearances and the appearances of
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