Media's Effect on Sexuality in Recent Decades

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Media's Affect Upon Sexuality Over Recent Decades Sexuality is a fundamental aspect to culture and to individual identity. Sexuality is not static; the norms regarding sexuality changes over time and is relative to culture. In the modern age, the methods and means for media expression have multiplied to new, great heights. The opportunity to consume media is omnipresent in many cultures of the 21st century. The media has affected sexuality over the course of the past two decades specifically. The paper considers the spectrum and quality of affects media has had and continues to have upon sexuality in cultures around the world. Media does affect sexuality, yet the consumers have the power to affect the media; media representation of sexuality and it affects, then are an expression of tension, conflict, or the struggle for balance between the unspoken laws of culture and the influence of the few media companies who own most of the world's media. Examining how laws may have changed or been influenced by the media's representations of sexuality is where the paper will begin. Certainly one of the side effects of the Internet is the increase of the more marginal sexualities and sexualities whose moral character is questioned or contended. The increased presence of child pornography online has changed laws in society. The penalties for purchasing, distributing, creating, and keeping child pornography are exceptional high. The penalties include public embarrassment, chemical
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