Media's Influence On African American Students

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With the help of the renowned personages and authoritative documents, the African American students were allowed into all-White school to accept higher education as far as possible. However, there was something which were not as good as someone imagined. It was European American students who were unwilling to make a sincere relationship connection with African American students. The former looked down upon their inferior position, and a small group of European American students decided to tease easily bullied African American students. Take Chris Rock as an example, a leading man of American TV serious Everybody Hates Chris, he was often made fun by his classmate, Joey Caruso, because of his status. When he came into the school, Caruso had…show more content…
People who lived in a democratic country, was eager to vote, particularly in African Americans. Unfortunately, African American students in the school had less chance to be Student Union President. In order to make himself different, Chris made a decision to elect Student Union President, but he failed at the end. No one supported him except his best friend. His classmates didn’t want him to be a leader, and his teacher told him that he didn’t have large enough until gained European American students voting. Chris had to accept the truth (Everybody Hates Chris Season 2 the second…show more content…
The European American didn’t respect African American. It was hard for African American to come up for election, because there were lots of massive wave of racism covering America. When an African American went up for election, the European American wouldn’t vote him but their peers. The reason was that they were scared of African Americans owned the power to change in society, and they would not feel in control (Disadvantages of Black Americans in 1950's). It had been objective conditions often rigging and stopping African Americans from voting. A law named "Jim Crow Laws", had been passed in the southern states, which made the African American"separate but equal". After that European American found out numerous ways to stop African Americans voting, like paying a poll tax. As they knew African Americans couldn’t afford it so that they could stop African Americans from being elected. African Americans could not be elected, which meant they did not have the chance to improve their social position (Disadvantages of Black Americans in 1950's ). It was hard for African Americans to gain significant voting from European American, and it was more difficult for the African American
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