Media's Influence On Social Media And Body Image

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In the 21st century, social media plays a massive part in every single person’s life. It influences our everyday activity: the way we speak, the way we see things and sometimes even the way we think. Likewise, it is responsible for creating the significance behind the words ‘body image’, and plays an important role in shaping our self confidence and awareness for others. It is commonly used to describe an individuals body type and appearance. However the term ‘standards’ is a little more complicated and is what society thinks is the ‘ideal’ body type.

The ‘standard of beauty’ and ‘body image’ are everywhere; magazines, TV ads, Newspapers. 8 out of 10 of the most popular magazines in America promote weight loss tips or secret to losing weight. Instagram and Snapchat news feeds are flooded of daily exercise routines or meal plans with skinny toned individuals promoting them. It is so rare now a days, to see an ‘imperfect’ person advertising anything. Instead, we have models with flawless skin, long legs and toned abs. These unrealistic images that we encounter everyday, is what creates out desire to be skinny and perfectly toned, eventually developing a sense of self-destruct. Studies show that 70% of normal weighted women in America want to be thinner along side with 34% of men that are dissatisfied with their body.

Today, around nine in ten American young adults have access to at least one type of social media. This then results in most parents spending time teaching
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