Media's Influence On The Political World

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The media plays a considerable role in the political world. The media gives people access to be able to determine which political party they want to be a part of, develop outlooks on government parties and decisions, and manage their own personal interests. The newspaper, TV, radio, social media, and other online media, are one of the leading factors, if not thee leading factor in political communication and fund-raising. The media’s influence on the political world has shattered the mold in terms of the way politics are shown. Mass media has such a powerful structure that enables politicians to reach a large-scale audience (Croteau & Hoynes 2014). The purpose of this essay is to look at how politicians use the media in order to influence their audience as they try to validate their credibility with the public. The influence of the media is more prominent during political campaigns because news coverage of a single event could turn out to be the most significant factor in putting a candidate ahead. In fact, most national political figures, plan public appearances and statements to increase their influence throughout the media. Often times, candidates and their consultants consume much of their time developing strategies and plans to get the most impact on their television audience. Advertising, management of news coverage, and campaign debates are often the types of coverage that political candidates use. The appearance of candidates in presidential debates is as important
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