Media's Influence on Drugs

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Media plays a large role in the lives of American's today especially the adolescent population. According to Marcella Nunez-Smith the average teenager spends 45 hours per week around some type of media.(Nunez-Smith et al, 2010) This amount of time is more than a child spends in school and quite often more than the child spends with their family. With that said, the media is likely to be the most influential part of a childs development. Each decision a person makes it based off of the knowledge he or she has about the subject. How drug use is introduced early in a child's life is likely to influence how an individual views drugs as a whole. The media plays a large role in societies opinion of drugs as well as how they view drug use. There are many studies connecting media exposure to drug use in adolescents. Media can be defined as television shows, movies, books, music, and even billboards on the side of the road. Nunez-Smith et al. conducted research reviewing 42 studies which looked into drug use in adolescents. It was found that media often causes children to be at a high risk to try smoking, drinking, and illicit drugs. Some of the studies explained that some shows can portray an imagine of drinking or doing drugs to be associated with the "in" crowd. The individuals who are considered to be cool and popular in a school setting also are the ones being invited to all the parties and getting involved with different drugs. This imagine sends the message that it is
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