Media´s Negative Influence on Today´s Youth Essays

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Have you ever watched a movie and later caught yourself daydreaming about the actors' lives? Ever finished a movie then found yourself imitating the way the heroin talks, wears or walks? Do you not ever stop and wonder how much your views and attitude have been influenced by the media and what you're constantly exposed to? The media has an enormous influence over the lives of men, women, and teenagers. Today, individuals get affected by how people dress, talk, behave, and think trying to become another version of them. Media doesn't only have a positive effect on us, but it can also impact us negatively. Nowadays, the media is widespread in society in different forms (television, books, films, internet etc.), and its effects on…show more content…
News has become less about informing people about realities, and more about telling people what their opinions should be. The reason behind this is that anchors and news presenters now give in their own opinions and interjections on any event that happens, which causes people to strongly believe in their opinion as they don’t expect the news reporter to spread false ideas.  Media has a lot of positive influence on society such as teens benefiting from media about different things in culture, fashion, news and politics...etc. this later makes it a way to come together and socialize and educate themselves and makes a better-informed society whose people make decisions based on their own information. Mass media is a great source of entertainment not only that but also by watching sports it could lead teenagers to have good healthy lifestyle as they would take the players as role models and start eating healthy, exercising every day, and playing sports, as media can raise
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