Media's Role in Anorexia

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Media’s Role in Anorexia Many individual’s today would argue that most health problems develop from media. For example, the Modeling Industry is mainly nothing but tall and very slender women. Most would agree that adolescent females see the size of most models and assume that is what is considered beauty. Media does not promote anorexia to distort women’s body images. Most women that starve themselves do not do it because of television, movies, or magazines, etc. They starve themselves to make them feel better and to uplift their self-esteem. Media does not play a role in anorexia because of three main reasons: environmental factors, exercising, and dieting. One reason media does not play a role in anorexia is because of environmental factors. Howard Steiger, the director of the eating disorders program at McGill University, research has shown that “Eating disorders are a product of epigenetics . . .” (Cresswell 1). This means that not everyone is susceptible to the eating disorder of anorexia, and that it is a genetic disorder. Steiger also continued to say, “People do not develop eating disorders because they are . . . weak-willed, but because they carry measurable susceptibilities that may or may not be activated by various pressures in the environment” (Cresswell 1). Many people and parents often wonder “What did I do wrong?” when in actuality it has nothing to do with them and we now have evidence and facts to prove that. However, on the other hand, Judy Siegel’s
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