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Mediation and Arbitration There is possibly no person walking on this Earth who have not experience some sort of conflict at some point in their lives. Even as children when we would get into it with our friend or another kid. Whether it was in your business or personal life, we have all been in some sort of conflict in one way or another, and some of the time these conflicts can be too much to handle for both individuals. So to have the situation resolved amicably they would bring in a third party so that it could be hashed out fairly. Most of the time arbitration is used and in others find that mediation is suits well with the help they need. The paper will define the function, role, and effectiveness of mediation and arbitration. …show more content…

Mediation has been known to be successful in many types of conflict both personal and professional. I have even seen it used on the reality show Teen Mom and it was used for a young couple who could not decide visitation for their son. I have known it also to be famously used in divorce proceedings when couples cannot decide on the separation of assets or financial properties. According to Abigail & Cahn, “Mediation has a high success rate. It is estimated that “once the disputants have agreed to mediate, at least 80% of the time they are able to work out an agreement that is acceptable to both of them” (Abigail & Cahn, p. 196, num. 3). I have even seen social mediators online, and these are individuals who both parties know and trust to come in and help with the resolution process. They are seen as fair because they listen to both sides equally, but they may or may not be neutral on the situation, and sometimes the two parties would put this person in control of the mediation because they would look at both sides instead of favoring one party over another. I have especially seen this in chats rooms where the person would have mediators to assist with people who may start arguing in the room or saying obscene things to other chatters or even the person that is running the room. Arbitration “is a dispute resolution process in which the

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