Mediation And Race : Mediation

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MEDIATION AND RACE 6 mediation or any other reason . Thus, a mediator should decline a mediation if the mediator cannot conduct it n an impartial manner. Still, it is important to note that as humans we all have certain unavoidable notions and we must leave them outside of this process. There is also a need to create a “safe space” in the session. Though it may be good natured certain “compliments” on language use can deteriorate relationships. For example, saying “You are so articulate” to an African American can be taken very offensively. I can personally attest to this situation. I have heard this almost as many times as I have been told that I “talk white”. Statements such as these can cause participants to feel judged and refrain from participating openly. “Ebonics” or “black sounds” has been the phrase used to describe this pattern of language. Often used in a derogatory way, this speech has deeper cultural significance. The ability of a people to hold on to its indigenous roots is important to the psycho-social development of such a people. For the descendants of the Africans brought to the Western hemisphere as slaves, Standard English is the imposed language of racial oppression. Since blacks in America, in most cases, cannot retrace their original tongue, they have a double edged sword with which to contend. Therefore, care must be taken so as not to
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