Mediation Causes A Great Deal Of Impact On American Society

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Mediation causes a great deal of impact on American society. In the movie Gamer, characters deal with a never ending cycle of competition and become trapped in conflict. Superficial worlds collide with reality and these worlds impact every citizen in the film. A viewer watching the film may feel disgusted at the thought of being controlled as easily as characters in Gamer are, but the sad truth lies within the reality of our own, mediated world. Gamer plays on viewers’ pre-conceived beliefs mediation causes. The common beliefs of competition making the world spin around and money buying happiness, trap us as citizens in a vicious cycle of conflict with the world around us. Gamer takes place in a near future New York City where a twisted man named Ken Castle invents a method to control peoples’ minds. Castle has developed a nano cell that replicates itself when placed on human brain cells and eventually takes over a subject,s whole mind. Castle also created two virtual worlds where citizens hire other citizens to implant nano cells and give up control of their minds. The paying citizens then obtain complete control over their “employee”. Society, comparable to The Sims of our world, allows for control in all aspects of life. The other world Castle creates, Slayers, contains similar qualities to our own modern day multi-player shooting games like the Call of Duty or Halo series. A twist in Slayers gameplay does exist though. Instead of controlling anyone willing to give up…
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