Mediation For A Peaceful Way

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In general, in most cases, some conflicts can be handled in various way by not speaking to the other person or walking away. Often times, conflicts happen in the work place so, you can’t avoid the person so, everyone needs to be able to handle conflicts in a peaceful way. In short, there are many ways to solve a dispute which are by arbitration, adjudication, ombudsperson, conciliation and mediation which is the prefer choice. Mediation is the preferred choice because mediation restores communication and help to normalize relationships in a work place so, relationship and identity conflicts can be handle at the lowest level. Tension in the office. In short, majority of people in America’s love their job and because of numerous reasons such as their Equal Opportunity Policy, advancement opportunities, flexible working hours, and a work place that has some policies in place to handle conflicts. After graduating high school, I was looking for the previous those qualities I mention earlier in an employer so, I decided to join the military. While in the military, I learned their structure was what I was looking for, the advancement opportunities were great they had written instruction stating on how to handle any conflicts. During my time in the military, I learned when you advance you’re giving more responsibilities and some of those responsibilities is outside of your job description, but in the military they view it you having the ability to handle multiple assignments.
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