Mediation: Resolving the Conflict of Racism Essay

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Mediation: Resolving the Conflict of Racism            The issue of freedom has long been fought over in our country. In fact it is what our founding fathers sought to create in the new world. This struggle to obtain freedom from oppression has created a country founded on free people, freedom of religion, as well as economic freedom. All of these things have been faced with extreme challenges, such as the British monarchy, established state churches, and war. The fight for equality among peoples in our country has also had its challenges, such as poverty, race, and religion. It is out of this plight that the need for some kind of action has occurred in the area of social equality in…show more content…
The oppressor and the oppressed both lie in wait for the moment when all action will be unnecessary because of understanding and compromise. The opposing groups in Birmingham must seek out their common ground on these issues in order to continue on the greater road of equality.      The repeal of laws that forced separate but equal treatment of peoples throughout the United States was a major step toward relieving oppression in the southern states, but even these laws are avoided and ignored. There are a generation of people that have grown up being segregated. This forces one group to feel superior and the other to feel inferior. This gap between the people of Birmingham has widened to a huge gulf. People can so longer see their lives any other way but segregated, and are constantly forced to recognize their difference instead of looking at the common things shared by all men. In order to maintain civil relations in Birmingham, all citizens must try to comply with the laws of the city, and adhere to any promises that have been made to the opposing side. The clergymen who wrote the letter opposing nonviolent action, agree that matters in Birmingham are unstable but insist that the Negro community should simply wait, and that the natural flow of time will solve all of their problems. Because of this idea the leaders of the city have postponed and canceled many meetings that could have occurred between influential
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