Mediation Stay Neutral And Remain Neutral

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Introduction Facilitative mediation is one of the sub-types of the problem-solving method, deriving from to " facilitate” or to mediate between two parties, its style largely used from the 1960-70s it is one of the original models which was generally and extensively used in the USA. The intent is to critically gauge this style of mediation, and weigh arguments for and against, to analyse if the model is relevant today. Questioning can this style of mediation stay neutral and remain in a guidance format only or does it cross over into other styles of mediation. This mediator acts as a facilitator only, and through shared discussion and guidance, it claims of being not only neutral, but fully confidential, that parties have the…show more content…
Some mediators have classified themselves either facilitative or evaluative or in between depending on the parties’ circumstance. However, Riskins conception of this grid was to try and make some sense of the mediator’s approach, can the facilitative mediator stay fixed in their style. The grid illustrated a meeting point of two lines; one representing the mediator’s concept of his role, and the other the mediator’s approach to the problem. When these two lines intersect, there are four quadrants which represent different mediation situations. Riskin stated that the four quadrants each represent a general location toward mediation: evaluative-narrow, facilitative-narrow, evaluative-broad and facilitative-broad. The Facilitative-Narrow mediator will use past cases, skill and strategies in order to help the parties be realistic about their conflict, underlining their strengths and weaknesses, and credible outcomes, using experience, and techniques learned in order to bring focus back to a discussion. They will not asses or offer suggestions, and allow the parties through shared interest to develop open discussion to reaching mutual agreement, but will offer guidance on their legal positions and the concerns of non-settlement. The Facilitative-Broad mediator tries to find options to help the parties express and relate to their dispute and empower them to share interests in order to resolve any impasse. This can give

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