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Mediation Theory Essays There are three ways a conflict can be resolved. The first way to resolve conflict involves the ability to influence another person, this is called resolving through power. When someone exhorts power, this means the other person has influences that can lead to forced submissions. For example, my friend, this weekend exhorted power over his son when he did not want to listen and decided to discipline him. My friend resolution to the conflict was to exhibit violence, as he decided to spank his son for not listening to his order. A second way of resolving conflict is through resolving through rights. This resolution of conflict can involve the legal system to assist in resolving conflict. With the application of…show more content…
To better understand both, transformative and problem solving approaches, they needs to be dissected individually. Transformative approach is focused on building healthy relationships, improving communication between the involved parties, understanding each other, and promote healthy communication. In addition, transformation mediators are designed to establish personal values with disputants and identify empath towards the other party. Whereas, the problem solving approach seeks to assist people with substantive issues. However, some mediators in problem solving may and may not focus on emotions, and they may or may not focus on resolving any relationship between the plaintiffs. To better explain, let’s assume, you and your neighbor had to sue each other in a civil case, transformative approach would best suit this situation because after the judge has rendered his/her decision, you still will be neighbors, and if there is no resolution, and tension will continue to boil long after the civil proceeding. Having a transformative mediator assist, you and your neighbor build a health relationship and communication is crucial to peacefully living next to each other without any retaliation. Whereas, problem-solving focuses on issues where you might not know the defendant and the odds of both ever seeing each other is low. In these instances there is no need to build
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