Mediator Case Presentation

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The Dispute at hand has been referred to mediation upon the suggestion of the Court. I have been identified as the independent mediator for this dispute. My main objective is to fully diagnose the situation by gathering and organizing all the relevant information. I aim to do so by building credibility, fostering a positive relationship with the parties, and educating them about the mediation process while securing their commitment to this process. In order to achieve this act it will require broad psychological control and people management. Over the course of mediation procedure I will apply the different elements of principled negotiation to achieve an agreement that is competent and improves the existing hostile relationship of both parties. Agreement An essential element to the operation of the mediation process is that both parties agree and consent to the intervention before preparatory activities begin. Therefore, a clearly written agreement should be drafted. I plan to draft this document with the input from all parties, in order to aid interpretation and minimise future ambiguity. The document will describe the clear intent and agreement between the parties and will be signed by all parties and their counsels. The agreement will pay particular focus on the following points: Agreement to commit to mediation Each individual party must use its best efforts to comply with the reasonable requests made by me in order to ensure a punctual and expeditious determination
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