Medicaid Stakeholders

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Stake Holders Stakeholders are groups or individuals that can affect or can be affected by a policy, such as Medicaid. There are many stakeholders that have the ability to affect change when it comes to the elderly and Medicaid. There are also many Stakeholders that are affected by Medicaid as a policy. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc (NAELA) is a non-profit association of professional attorneys that are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to people as they age. The main goal of the NAELA association is to educate and advocate for the elderly population. Attorneys associated with this association are able to help elderly or aging clients and caregivers with planning for possible long-term care…show more content…
Government officials have the ability to directly effect policy change. Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Claire McCaskill are two government officials, in the state of Missouri, who are currently pushing to expand Medicaid. Senator Claire McCaskill has expressed, on numerous occasions, she believes the elderly are among the most vulnerable population to be effected if Medicaid is not expanded in a timely manor (Mannies, 2015). Area agencies on aging can be viewed as advocacy groups for the elderly and Medicaid. Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging helps to connect elderly individuals to local area agencies. These agencies missions are to ‘promote the continued physical, social, and economic self-sufficiency of Missouri’s seniors’ (Our Mission). Many of the aging agencies are able to help educate the elderly on Medicaid and how to access Medicaid. If the agency is unable to help the elderly individual apply for Medicaid, they are able to direct them to an agency that specializes in the application…show more content…
Many hospitals and nursing homes that accept Medicaid are receiving fewer Medicaid payments and are seeing more uninsured patients. When the Affordable Care Act was first introduced, it was thought that more people would be insured. Since Missouri decided not to expand the Medicaid program, fewer individuals are covered, which intern means fewer payments to the hospitals and nursing homes. Many hospitals and nursing homes have made staff cuts, and some have even had to shut down. Hospitals and nursing homes that accept Medicaid are pushing for Missouri to expand their Medicaid programs (Smith,
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