Medical Advances During American History

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Medical Advances in American History
Medicine has been used since ancient times, but it has greatly developed through the centuries. Today, people have doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, and many other individuals in the health field. Society’s definition of a healthy lifestyle, and the way people live, has greatly changed, and it has given most people a new perspective on society 's health. Before medications and doctors, people often died, or had no way to recover from illnesses and disease, because there were no cures. Advances in medicine are made every day. These advances could be a new allergy medication, a new vaccine to prevent a deadly disease, or a new way of performing surgeries, but all of these advances have one thing in common: they can save lives and make a better America.
In the fourteenth century, there was a plague that spread quickly, called the Black Death, or the bubonic plague; it killed 20-30 billion people in Europe in the 14th century (“The black plague…”). In China, it killed 12 million people in the 19th century and slowly traveled to America with the help of rats on ships from other countries. The bubonic plague was found in rodents, like rats, and also in fleas. If a person was bitten by an animal with the virus, then they would contract the bubonic plague. Thanks to better working conditions, antibiotics, and better sanitation, there were only 2,118 cases of the bubonic plague in 2003 worldwide. Only one in every seven people died (“The
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