Medical Advances Throughout History And History

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Medical advances throughout history has provided people the safety and comfort of knowing that whatever illness befalls them, there is will be a treatment regimen that will bring relief. Vaccinations has prevented and nearly eliminated many childhood diseases. Maintenance medications provide a way for older adults to manage their chronic medical conditions. But there are some medical conditions that are also chronic, but with no cure available. One such condition is HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. According to Tortora, HIV is “the pathogen causing the loss of immune function that selectively infects helper T cells” (545). My goal in this paper is to show the advances modern medicine has achieved in discovering the different ways to combat this disease, whether it is attacking the virus directly or assisting our own body 's ability to fight infection. Vaccinations are usually are our first line of defense at preventing diseases. According to Haynes, “isolation of potent broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) assist CD8T cell killing of HIV- infected cells, have opened new avenues for strategies for HIV vaccine design” (39). These antibodies recognize a protein that is present on the surface of all HIV strains and neutralize the effects of the virus. The problem researchers have here is that, with vaccination, a person builds up their own immune response rather quickly. But with HIV vaccines, the antibodies are produced after two to four years of infection due to “these
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