Medical Advice And Treatment Of Family Medicine

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Family Medicine is rooted in the notion that getting to know patients through continuity of care will allow physicians to not only integrate care and prevent disease, but also to improve patients’ quality of life. I am interested in the patient-centered setting in family medicine to take care of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. To me, family medicine is inspiring, challenging, and rewarding. Prior to starting medical school, I volunteered at a free clinic in Durham, NC. Although I did not have the skills at the time to provide medical advice and treatment, I shadowed a group of Family Medicine physicians after completing my duties at NIH triage. There all the patients were assigned to the primary care provider, and their doctor had the chance to get to know them personally. By offering continuity of care, the physicians were able to adequately and comprehensively manage chronic disease, focus on prevention, and coordinate care in partnership with other medical professionals. I was inspired by the selflessness and compassion of physicians who commit to caring for the underserved and uninsured populations. With the Trauma Surgery team in a hospital, I met Mike, an 83-year old retired teacher, was brought to the ED after a drunk driver hit him while he was biking on the street. Mike sustained a subdural hemorrhage as well as Central Cord Syndrome. In the next 12 days when he was in the Surgical ICU, I had learned how to alleviate his fear, put him at ease, and help
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