Medical And Health Services Manager

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As a Kaplan University student pursuing a Bachelors in Health Science I will hope to attain a position as a Medical and Health Services Manager. By position and title I will help to plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations. It is possible that I could manage an entire facility or a specific clinic or department. Maybe even manage a group of physicians. Managers must be able to direct changes that conform in healthcare laws, regulations, and technology to continue to evolve with medical practices and the government. Medical and health services managers must at least have a bachelor’s degree in a supporting field. Some positions may require that you have your master’s degree in the field as well. I found, on, that a few certifications such as Certified Healthcare Facility Manager, Approved Clinical Supervisor, or Certified Health Unit Coordinator may needed to be taken as well. All states also have their own licensures whether it be national or state specific. A healthcare facility should be specific an any additional training or certifications that will be needed before I can be able to apply for the position. Some facilities may also have OJT (on the job training) that will also help attain the position that I seek to fulfill. There will also be quarterly and annual training that will have to be completed to maintain all certifications. Some
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