Medical And Health Services Managers

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Medical and Health Services Managers/Administrators are people who handle the business side of the health care field. These workers can also be called "health services executives, health- care administrators, [or] health services managers" (Source 6). They can work in any health related business of any size. Examples of these places are hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private practices. Facilities like these can range from supporting a handful of physicians, and treating few patients, to supporting hundreds of physicians and treating thousands of patients. Medical and Health Services Managers/Administrators do not work to treat patients one on one, however they do make sure that those patients are receiving the best care possible…show more content…
This job has had an important role in the medical field for a long time, even though it has evolved through the years. The biggest spark in this career is that you do not need to attend more than 4-6 years of school and do not need to obtain a medical doctorate for this job. This job has an overall positive impact on society through the leadership role these workers play. The importance of this job is to make sure patients are receiving the proper care they deserve. Medical and Health Services Managers/Administrators are hard workers who have a big role in keeping the healthcare system intact. (Source 1). The career of Medical and Health Service Management/Administration has improved greatly over the years. Before the early 20th century the class system divided up society so strictly that you were either very rich or very poor. There was no defined "middle class". This being said, the very rich could afford medical care brought to them in their own home, and the very poor whet to hospitals. Hospitals became dirty places full of poor people receiving mediocre medical treatment. When advancements in surgical techniques and new medications and treatment options came about, these procedures could not be carried out inside ones home. Performing surgery to correct a broken bone in someone 's living room was not sterile or safe. This forced the rich to come to
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