Medical And Health Services Managers

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Medical and Health Services Managers/Administrators are people who handle the business side of the health care field. These workers can also be called "health services executives, health- care administrators, [or] health services managers" (Source 6). They can work in any health related business of any size. Examples of these places are hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private practices. Facilities like these can range from supporting a handful of physicians, and treating few patients, to supporting hundreds of physicians and treating thousands of patients. Medical and Health Services Managers/Administrators do not work to treat patients one on one, however they do make sure that those patients are receiving the best care possible through their facility. They are in charge of managing policies in which people are cared for, and ensuring that these policies are agreed upon by all of the doctors within the workplace. The overall goal for someone participating in this occupation is to "…[help] improve the healthcare system". (Source 1). In regards to conditions on the job, these workers spend a good bit of time managing paperwork, much like an office job. However, these workers may also spend time out of the office traveling in order to meet with other cooperations. Another important factor in this job is the hours spent working. This occupation requires long hours "Since the facilities they manage…operate around the clock" (Source 1). Also, another requirement for this…
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