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Medical Assistant | | | Purpose of Profession Medical Assistants help offices and clinics run smoothly. A Medical Assistant can work individually with a doctor. In a small office they tend to report directly to a physician, health practitioner or office manager. In a larger office they tend to specialized in a particular area and they report to department administrator or other operations management. Medical Assistants have administrative and clinical duties. Administrative duties like scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purpose. Clinical duties like histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by…show more content…
What they require of you would be anything from understanding vaginal health, to helping couples get pregnant to helping woman stay in proper health when pregnant. As an OB-GYN assistant, your job is fluid, and what you need to able to do, will change on a day to day basis. Education requirements of Profession If you’re still in high school some of the courses you can take is like biology, chemistry, and anatomy. Most have at least a high school diploma, and learn through on the job training you can become a certified medical assistant, registered medical assistant, national medical assistant, and certified clinical medical assistant. To be eligible for the CMA citification examinations, on an assistant much have completed a postsecondary medical assisting program accredited by either the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools , and pass the certification exam. For the other 3 certifications, no formal education is required to take the certification exam. Programs are available from community college, vocational schools, technical schools, or universities, and take about one year to complete. These programs usually lead to a certificate or diploma. Some community and junior colleges offer two year programs that lead to an associate’s degree. Some states may require assistants to

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