Medical Billing : The Pros And Cons Of Medical Billing

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Medical billing in and of itself can be a complex and sensitive subject. While some patients are able to easily pay their medical bills, some have a harder time. At some point, places that offer medical care will encounter patients either unable or unwilling to pay their medical bills, and eventually these fees will need to have action taken in order to collect them. The two ways that medical facilities can choose from to collect their patients’ delinquent bills are either in-house collections or outsourced third party collection (TPC) companies. This paper will address the pros and cons of each as well as a personal recommendation as to what makes the most sense from my own point of view. In-house third party collection functions may, at first, seem like a better solution. It surely has its upsides for several reasons, but the most important to me is patient satisfaction. When a patient is delinquent on their bills, it is more often due to the fact they are unable to pay the fees—not usually due to forgetfulness. Having a debt collector calling patients day in and day out may make the patient feel even worse about the shame they already feel. Having an in-house collection system may make the patient feel less pressured and more like their care is being thought about as second to the fees they owe due to the personal feel. Those calling to collect are people they’ve seen before, and will probably seem much more understanding. The in-house function is also helps
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