Medical Billing and Coding Career

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MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING CAREER Medical Billing and Coding Wanda F. Pervish Instructor: Elbert Trone Learning Framework 12 December 2012 MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING CAREER Abstract When people think about jobs in the health care field, it can be easy to assume that most jobs involve direct, hands-on patient care. What many people don’t realize is that administrative jobs are equally vital to ensuring quality health care services. Medical billing and coding is an important piece in the administrative puzzle that makes up the vast health industry. As with most administrative jobs, medical coding and billing professionals need to have excellent attention to detail, as one wrong code or inaccurate statement can have an extremely negative…show more content…
Medical billing and coding professionals who specialize in areas such as neuropsychiatry or rheumatology typically earn more than medical billers and medical coders who do not specialize. Medical billing and coding certification is another factor that can impact medical billing and coding salary, since certification allows medical billers and medical coders to earn higher
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