Medical Care At The United States

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Summary Medical care in the United States is complex at the individual provider level, at the system level, and at the national level. While managed care works to streamline medical services, and integrate systems, integration within safety net hospital systems—providers that deliver a significant level of care to vulnerable patients (Ko Et Al, 2015)—and community health centers is still undergoing transition. Although policymakers have worked to promote integration in large hospital systems, and have been widely successful, integration among safety net providers and health care centers for the uninsured, Medicaid and underinsured populations remains largely fragmented. The study conducted by Michelle Ko, Julie Murphy and Andrew Bindman, in late 2015, aimed to address the challenges of integration between the two systems and propose ways to implement integration within safety net hospitals and community health centers. In order to do so Ko Et Al designed a qualitative study in which recognized leadership executives of five sites were interviewed on their experiences with service integration. The interviews were projected to last up to an hour and consisted of open-ended question that allowed for participants to highlight what they felt were the challenges to successfully implemented integrated systems within their organizations and what strategies they implemented to effectively navigate the challenges. This study method allowed for the researchers to identify conflicts

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