Medical Center And Its Impact On The Health Care Industry

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Tufts Medical Center had major problems when it comes to looking for ways as to how they could attract patients. Another problem which the organization faced with was the collapse of the merger agreement with the Boston Medical Center. It had certain ambitions to find partners for them to be able to compete with their more prestigious rivals. Despite having a strong following of doctors and patients, Tufts Medical Center was not a dominant player in the health care industry. Over the years, it has failed to build brand recognition unlike its rivals like Massachusetts General. By 2014, Tuft Medical Center executives decided that they would begin talking about a merger with the Boston Medical as they wanted to create a new health system. However, the negotiations broke down months later as the leaders from both the hospitals have discovered that they have a huge difference in culture and strategy. It was reported that Boston wanted to focus on their low-income patients but Tuft Medical had something more striving in mind. They wanted to expand their target patients, particularly patients who are in private insurance and they also want to attract patients across Eastern Massachusetts (McCluskey, 2015)
Organizational Structure & Systems The very first issue the organization has to address is their organizational structure and systems. The organizational structure is a very important factor for the decision making of the organization. Aside from its use for evaluating employee
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