Medical Center And Its Impact On The Health Care Industry

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Tufts Medical Center had major problems when it comes to looking for ways as to how they could attract patients. Another problem which the organization faced was the collapse of the merger agreement with the Boston Medical Center. The organizations had certain ambitions to find partners for them to be able to compete with their more prestigious rivals. Despite having a strong following of doctors and patients, Tufts Medical Center was not a dominant player in the health care industry. Over the years, the organization has failed to build brand recognition unlike its rivals like Massachusetts General. By 2014, Tuft Medical Center executives decided that they would begin talking about a merger with the Boston Medical as they wanted to…show more content…
Recipients of Change After the failed merger talks, the organization then had to deal with their employees most specifically the union. When mergers happens, the employees usually have that fear that they could be paid off when two companies merge because they need to cut off the cost. The existence of the labor unions is to protect the people working for a certain company or organization. Nevertheless, there could be times that labor unions can be hard for small organizations or companies with their demands. Just like in this situation, the organization cannot afford to just give in to the demands of the union. The employees won’t be acting this way if only they know more about the change the organization wants to happen. The recipients of change are not only the patients but it will also be a big change for the hospital staff, nurses and doctors. Because the organization may have not explained what they wanted to happen to their employees properly, the employees wanted to make sure that they would secure their jobs whatever the company plans in the future. The management of the organization must be able to take into account the people who are going to be affected by the change as their employees is the driving force of the hospital. Aside from acknowledging their feelings, the management should also inform them of the much needed change the organization must do in order to grow and develop. Resistance to Change Tufts Medical

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