Medical Codes Are Used For Various Recording And Reporting Purposes Within The Medical Industry

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Medical codes are used for various recording and reporting purposes within the medical industry. These codes can determine the diagnoses and treatments used in patient care, as well as the mortality and morbidity data that provide statistics. As time and technology progresses a strain has been amplified on coding systems used today that warrants a major update. The United States (US) has yet to implement the most current standardized set of medical codes that have been adopted by the rest of the developed world. This delay in part caused by Congress and the American Medical Association (AMA) is causing the American population to suffer in various ways. As implementation dates are being pushed back time and time again the field is increasing debt by lost opportunities and still not able to communicate medical data across US borders. The International Classification of Diseases , tenth revision (ICD10) can, with the help of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), reduce costs for medical treatment for patients and facilities as well as improve upon facility efficiencies and quality of care. Healthcare providers in the United States (US) should be mandated to implement current sets of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) without further delay to reclaim the forefront of medical care against the top-rated systems of other countries around the world.
Code sets such as ICD take the place of handwritten documentation and provide a national standard for easily understood…
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