Medical Connections

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Medical Connections
The texts can also be categorized within the medical lens. Women and men were portrayed differently in medieval texts. Women were shown mostly as naked whereas men were clothed. Bennett discusses how women were seen as less than men, “As demi-humans, women needed to be incorporated into human (that is, male) society, and this was best accomplished through sex with men and marriage to them” (285). This brings up the question of how women were viewed in society and how men and the patriarchy were prominent. Women needed to marry men in order to become functioning members of society. Medically speaking, men had the so-called advantage of having the male seed that would impregnate the female and create potential heirs.
Langum discusses the notion that
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The fact that the medieval peoples had problems of who knew about the internal workings of the body, and to whom they communicated that knowledge still draws from our prior discussions on surgeons and confidentiality. It is a point of interest that the author of De secretis mulierum was a man and not a woman, who would have be well-versed in the subject matter, considering that midwives were always to accompany surgeons and male physicians. Park also touches on the publicity of writing in medical fields. Guglielmo disliked the oral tradition and chastised the teachers that passed down their knowledge orally. Women, within the time period, were denied “the expertise regarding their own bodies” and the fact that the knowledge of women's bodies was known by a man who used the information “malevolently against prostitutes, abortionists, and procuresses” (94). This culminates in the medical connection between the texts and the discussion of the body and the female ability to have control and knowledge of their own
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