Essay on Medical Diagnostic Expert System

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RESEARCH PROBLEM - Importance of medical expert systems in the medical field.
Medical experts are not always available in a timely fashion, i.e. when they are needed most.
RESEARCH QUESTION- How do medical expert diagnostic systems help doctors and patients?
HYPOTHESIS - Medical diagnostic expert systems aid doctors and patients to diagnose illness and recommend medication.
There is an alarming shortage of medical practitioners in countries around the world especially in rural areas. This is a serious problem because patients cannot get medical help immediately when they require it, instead they receive it at a later time. For some critical patients waiting for a doctor, this may mean a chance to live or the end.
An expert system is a computer program capable of performing at a human expert level in a narrow problem domain area (Hasan et al., 2010). A Medical Diagnostic Expert system is used by both medical personnel and patients to diagnose illness. It mimics performance of a human expert and performs tasks that would otherwise be carried by the expert in aid or to replace the expert. With the use of an expert system, patients that are far away from medical facilities can help themselves by diagnosing their illness and getting the appropriate medication for it. Expert systems are also useful to doctors because they help them make logical decisions when diagnosing patients.
A computer program capable of performing at a…