Medical Dominance : Power And Hierarchy

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This essay will discuss about the medical dominance, how power and hierarchy have influence on both patient and medical professionals in the Australian health care system, especially in the field of midwifery. The general concepts of power and the hierarchy in health care setting and how it has closely interwoven with the health sociology would be investigated throughout the essay. The social determinants of health in terms of social justice and equality, moreover, are significant factors in accessing appropriate health service and achieving better health outcome with the patient. It would also utilise the conflict theory to illustrate historical, structural, cultural and critical factors on supporting the power structure, agencies related…show more content…
The reason behind this work is to elucidate the health care delivery is not only efficient, but also what represent these concepts in terms of the integration of the physiological, political, circumstantial and theoretical aspects of health (Broom, 2006; Gale, 2014).
The pressure on the process of democratic decision-making in the governments in association with integrated healthcare system has resulted in stressing the importance of partnerships of healthcare delivery for the Australian client (Janse van Rensburg et al., 2016). Within the contemporary health care system weakening in medical dominance and professional autonomy of biomedicine made some sociologists reconsidering the perspectives of previous conceptualisms of medical dominance, even though the biomedical model are sustaining the most of the control. Moreover, the increased instances of managerialism in medicine have brought up the issues in relation to the relevance of conceptualisation and their relationship with the biomedical model to the different professionals, patients and further to the public (Germov, 2014; Broom, 2006) Healthcare-related actions have an inclination in politics and a distinct and extensive understanding of power is essential to establish the strong descriptions of the structures, applications and effects of power in the context of integrated healthcare (Janse

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