Medical Efficacy Of Marijuana And Drugs

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Controversies in the use of Marijuana to Treat Epileptic Patients
By Brian Kenny and Stephanie Visek
One of the most controversial topics in modern times has been the medical efficacy of Cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that is used medically and recreationally and is classified as an herb, noticeable by its five spiked leaf structure (Merriam-Webster 2014). Cannabis contains multiple active ingredients that display a variety of psychological and neurological effects on humans and animals. Cannabis is the medical terminology for marijuana, which contains greater than 500 compounds and more are still being found as the years progress. Many of the compounds are referred to as cannabinoids and may show some antiepileptic factors when administered to individuals with epilepsy (Gloss and Vickery 2012). The public today believes that the cannabis prescribed to patients and individuals with drug resistant epilepsy are experiencing psychotropic effects (the feeling of what we know today as getting “high”). In reality the cannabis used to treat individuals with epilepsy is low in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] a psychotropic ingredient and high in cannabidiol [CBD] a non-psychotropic ingredient. Since CBD results in no psychotropic effects it has immense potential to be seriously considered as the worlds next biggest anticonvulsant solution.
Marijuana has a long history in the treatment of multiple medical conditions. The first documented cases in which cannabis was
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