Medical Emergency For Dental Offices

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Medical emergencies can occur at work, home, the movies and even on trains, but they happen every day in dental offices. With dental offices now performing more complicated procedures; having longer appointments; administering complex drug regimens; and the overall average patient getting sicker(Havles, 2016), it is extremely important for dental offices to have emergency medical kits. It is equally important for dental health care personal be familiar with the most common emergency situations, the management, and the drug used to treat them(ADA, 2014). This requires knowledge of the kits location, and the emergency medications in the kit. One of the most important of these emergency drugs is nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin is a …show more content…
Dental visits can place a large amount of physical and emotion stress on both the patients and healthcare personal. Because these types of stresses are major elements also known to precipitate chest pain, the elimination of stress is extremely important and is the primary preventative measures. Another consideration is the length of the appointment. There should be no set time for these patients because the variations on the individual tolerances of stress. Treatment should stop immediately when a patient begins to feel symptoms and anxiety. The most important protocol is pain control during therapy. Pain is quite stressful that’s why long lasting local anesthesia is recommended for angina patients.
When prevention cannot be maintained it is important to know what can and should be done on a specific patient according to the symptoms exhibited. To correctly do this the healthcare professional must know the medical history and any drugs that the patient is taking. Before seating and setting up the patient the health care professional should ensure the availability of the agent before the appointment begins. After reviewing the medical and dental histories the dental healthcare the first step is to distinguish if the chest “pain” associated with angina from chest pain

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