Medical Equipment And The Organization 's Mission, Vision, And Objectives

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Inshure medical equipment was founded in January of 2015. The company was founded by three individuals with the hopes of providing quality medical equipment. Inshures main customer base is hospitals, Care centers, and home care. Inshure provides a wide variety of medical equipment with fast shipping. To provide customers with better service, Inshure has set up a new system called Keepstock, which automatically restock equipment as it is needed. This project will detail the strategic plan of Inshure that aligns the Human Resources function with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. This structure will be maintained by human resources at the corporate offices. In addition this strategic plan will outline Inshures plans for strategic contribution, personal credibility, human resources delivery metrics, key performance measurements, action plans for functional areas, mission and vision statements, and finally human resource objectives. According to Fratričová & Rudy (2015) strategic plans have a strong external orientation because they deal with the long term survival, value, and growth of an organization. By outlining this strategic plan, Inshure will have a solid foundation for not only its employees but delivering quality products to its customers. Executive Summary Inshure is now at an exciting and expansive stage of development. To expand our next level of growth, Inshure conducted a major planning process that has been formed from a wide range of parties
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