Medical Error On Physician. Samantha Diaz . Carrington

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Medical Error on Physician
Samantha Diaz
Carrington College

Medical Error on Physician
As a medical assistant, we all know that we commit errors daily, as well as other people. As a medical assistant, I know that it is very important to follow the rules and procedures to prevent any incidents from happening. All of us know that if failure to follow the rules correctly, it will or can lead to harm. One thing to keep in mind, is that we must always take advantage of all the advice our doctors give us, if not you will fail to keep your patients safe. It our responsibility as an MA to take precautions. Let me cite an incident about a medical assistant that committed an error on a physician.
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As an MA, it is our responsibility to know everything about the patient, especially their allergies before giving or injecting any medication. It is very important to ask when doing something you are not familiar with or when doing something for the first time ever. Asking for help/advice is always the key to success and that’s another error that the MA committed. She didn’t know what the physician was allergic to, nor did she ever ask. The MA didn’t even know what the medication was used for nor did she ask either. The MA didn’t care for the patient like she should’ve, medical assistants are always taught early on that they are going to be dealing with people’s life, and mistakes are unacceptable.

What could’ve been done differently?
The MA failed to care for the patient, and failed to do her job as an MA. The MA could’ve done many things differently, like asking her doctors or co-workers for help and advice before performing a procedure on a patient. The MA had no idea what she was doing and that was clearly proven. She didn’t even know what the medication was used for or did she know her patient was allergic to it. That right there, is just putting your patient at risk. The MA could’ve prevented all this from happening by asking her doctor to help her out or by asking her co-workers that are familiar with this procedure and have the experience on it. The medical team should have reviewed

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