Medical Errors And Health Care

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Every day, millions of people enter some type of health care facility seeking medical treatment. They go to these places because they trust the physicians, nurses, and all other medical personnel are there to provide them with adequate, quality care with hopes that they will be discharged in a healthier state. Inadvertently, each day millions of people entering these facilities and experiencing more complications than expected due to some type of medical error. Medical errors are becoming more and more frequent every day and its costing patients more than ever. Medical errors have become one of the major focuses of the health care industry since the Institute of Medicine released its report in the year 1999, The Err Is Human. During that time there was an estimated ninety eight thousand people dying a year in hospitals due to medical errors. Naturally this struck fear into people and caused many to question a lot of things being done in health care facilities. According to more recent studies, it has been noted that as many four hundred and forty four thousand people die each year from a preventable medical error. That is only the death toll as a result of a medical error, not the actual number of individuals that endure a medical error each year. With statistic numbers like these, health care facilities are sacrificing large numbers of patients that equal out to the number people within fairly large cities and states. With this number of people dying alone as a result of
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