Medical Errors And Health Care

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The United States healthcare system currently has a unique level in terms of quality of the system of medical care. Regardless of this fact, many issues suggest that when it comes to assuring high quality for everyone. Not all is well since the current health care system is a top economic and social problem to the Americans (Health Care Problems, 2015). Many issues such as medical errors, quality of care, that can impact a health care organization (hospitals, clinics, and physicians). One of those issues is the medical errors. The medical errors occur when a hospital or doctor provides an inappropriate service of care. Medical errors defined as human errors in health care, and it seems to reflect the deterioration of the relationship…show more content…
Mistakes by hospitals and spread of infections are among the leading causes of deaths that in most cases are preventable (Gupta, 2015). Medical errors cost the government over $17 billion in the health care system, lost profits, and other payments. More than 100,000 patients die each year in the US because of medical errors. Medical errors not only affect hospitals, organizations, or even clinics, but also affect the physicians themselves emotionally. A survey of doctors in The US shows that more than 60% have anxiety about errors could happen in the future, More than 40% reduced work satisfaction and sleeping problems. (Dennis J. Boyle, MD). These problems impact all care systems. Also, medical errors can increase the doctor’s danger of depression, addiction to drugs, and self-murder. Medical errors were related to the quality of lifestyle, increased stress, and anxiety. These errors cast a very, very long shadow, especially the professionals. For example, a nurse committed suicide in 2011, several months after unintentionally giving an overdose medication to a baby. After research into the baby’s passing, the nurse, was fired from the hospital after a 27-year nursing career. Her family said she couldn’t find a new job in the career she loved and never recovered from heartbreak over the error. (Blythe Bernhard). Thus, medical errors can affect doctors’ lives, their performance, and cause a big scar in each
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