Medical Errors And Health Care

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Every day millions of people enter some type of health care facility seeking medical treatment. They go to these places because they trust the physicians, nurses, and all other medical personnel are there to provide them with adequate, quality care with hopes that they will be discharged in a healthier state. Inadvertently, each day millions of people entering these facilities and experiencing more complications than expected due to some type of medical error. Medical errors are becoming more and more frequent every day and its costing patients more than ever. Medical errors have become one of the major focuses of the health care industry since the Institute of Medicine released its report in the year 1999, The Err Is Human. During that…show more content…
(Binder, 2013) There are multiple reasons that medical errors occur, but the most frequently known reason for a medical error is due to someone deciding to omit a step from a normal routine set of steps in a procedure. The Joint Commission developed two different terms that categorize medical errors in relation to the event that occurs. Adverse events are an untoward, undesirable, and usually unanticipated event in which there is no permanent effect on the patient. Sentinel events are described as an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or risk thereof. These events signal the need for immediate investigation and response. Of the two, sentinel events are documented to be more common impacting the health care industry drastically. James Reason developed the GEMS Basic Error Types model in respect of the medical errors involving human error. This model provides the following four categories skill based slips (and lapses), rule-based mistakes, knowledge based mistakes, and violations of rules or norms. Regardless of the error type or category, some type of damage is experienced by the patient that could have prevented had an extra step been taken; time had been taken; or etc. (Sollecito & Johnson, 2013) One of the most common medical errors known is the wrong medication administration in relation to the
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