Medical Errors And Its Effects On Healthcare

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Making sure that patients are safe in healthcare facilities is an important topic that all the healthcare organizations must go through. The individuals that attend healthcare facilities fully trust and put their health in the hands of their healthcare provider. Since healthcare providers are faced with so many responsibilities in their healthcare facility, they often find it hard not to make any errors in the services they provide. Healthcare providers have so many tasks that sometimes they might forget something, confuse their patients, or give the wrong medication. Since medical errors are inevitable, a plan that will help reduce medical errors. A few of the actions that can be put into effect to reduce medical errors can be doing…show more content…
I consider it important for all medical staff to attend these information sessions because they may learn something they did not. Information sessions can serve as refreshments of important tasks to keep in mind. The information sessions that I am planning to incorporate will cover topics such as how to detect a medical error, how to prevent a medical error, tips on how to improve literacy issues, how to improve communication, what are the proper ways to hand off patients, and what to do if a medical error occurs. Since I want everyone to be involved, I will also ask for participants to share personal stories about mistakes they made while working in healthcare facilities. That way other people know what to do if this occurs. For this training sessions to be effective, I would require for my hospital organization to have these training sessions at least 3 times a week.
Also, the way I will integrate the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act is by making sure that management creates groups and spreads information all through different healthcare facilities. I don’t only want to make a change in the organization that I work for, I want to make a change in every hospital so that they know that it is possible to increase patient safety. Getting everyone involved is important and can
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