Medical Errors Of The Medical Field

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans visit a health care facility with a medical issue. Some of these visits transitioned into an inpatient or outpatient hospital stay. In the not too distant past, patients would stay in that facility until the medical staff were certain that their patient was on an effective, recovery path. However, times have changed (Dunn and Becker). Patients are still admitted to the hospital, however, the amount of time most patients stay has been greatly reduced due to the financial ramifications of a hospital stay. While reduced hospital stay may appear to be beneficial to both the patient and the medical staff, quite the opposite effects have occurred. Accurate and effective patient care requires quality time from both the medical staff and patient. Without this adequate time, medical errors are apt to occur. Nurses have an integral role in the success of the medical field (Cleary-Holdforth and Leufer). From helping patients, to collecting data and problem solving, it is the nurse’s responsibility to provide excellent patient care and detect actual as well as potential problems (Gulanick and Myers). For nurses to provide the upmost care, it is essential that they develop relationships with their patients. These relationship allow nurses to determine the best methods for each of their patient’s unique patterns of life. However, these relationships also require time. There is a problem throughout America’s healthcare system:
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