Medical Errors

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Medical errors have adverse effect on health care organization structure because it put a question mark on health profession’s reputation. The medical error definitely can cause harm to the patient or even the death. Medical errors can happen anywhere in healthcare system: in hospitals, clinics, surgery rooms. Medical mistakes can arise from doctors, nurses, surgeons, hospital administration, and many others. Medical errors affect the health care organizational structure, culture, and social in many ways. Medication errors have severe direct and indirect effects on health care organizational structure, and culture is usually the outcome of breakdowns in a system of care. Many reasons can involve in medical errors such as, miscommunication…show more content…
* * * * * * * * * Identify and describe a health care news situation that affects a health care organization such as a hospital, clinic, or insurance company.

* Examine and evaluate how organizational structure and governance, culture and focus (or lack of focus) on social responsibility affected or influenced what happened.

* Recommend what resources will be allocated to prevent this situation in the future and what ethical issues may be tied to this decision.

Recommend how you would change the structure, governance, culture, or focus on social responsibility to prevent this situation in the future.

Evaluate the effect of organizational structure and governance, culture, and social responsibility focus on what happened in your chosen situation. Recommend how you would change the organization to prevent this situation in the future. Include the following components:

Many causes can involve in medical errors such as, miscommunication of drug order, mistakes made in medication, surgery, similar medication names, laboratory results and diagnosis to name a few.
The "naming, blaming, and shaming" approach to dealing with errors has hindered medical error reduction, yet it is the most commonly used approach to addressing errors in health care (koop,1999).

The use of scanning medications is an
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