Medical Ethics Case Study: Nurse Jerry McCall

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Jerry has been trained as a medical assistant and well as LPN or licensed practical nurse. Having an occupation as being a medical assistant is regulated loosely in the U.S. In addition, many states lack medical assistant certification and training requirements. It may be surprising that licensing for medical assistants does not exist. Despite inconsistent regulation, every state mandates by law that whenever a medical assistant provides any type of direct patient care, the supervising physician or licensed health care professional must be physically present in the office or building ( website, 2012). Another law that is consistent in every state is one that prohibits medical assistants from independently prescribing or refilling medications ( website, 2012). Licensed Practical Nurses have a broader scope of practice than medical assistants do, but prescribing or refilling medications is not included. In this case study, only Dr. Williams is able to refill the medication. If Jerry decides to call in a refill he will be practicing outside of his professional scope and breaking state law. Regardless of what type of medication the patient is asking for, Jerry is still limited by his LPN and medical assistant scope of practice. If Dr. Williams does not prescribe the medication, Jerry can't call in a refill for the medication. Factors that may influence Jerry's decision to refill this medication include that the patient states he is a

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